Why Learn With Star Signers?

Did you know that you don’t need to have any sign language qualifications to teach baby signing? I formally started learning learning British Sign Language (BSL) in 2017. I have already passed my Level 1 and am working towards my Level 2 (To be completed by the end of 2019). 

I have experience as a parent having done baby signing classes with both of my children until they started pre school. It’s not hard to start learning. Have you played rock, paper scissors or mimed a duck to 5 Little Ducks? See, you’ve already started to sign!

I have seen first hand how amazing baby signing can be and how helpful it is to be able to communicate with your child if they don’t talk yet or can’t hear you (my son was born with moderate hearing loss and wears hearing aids).  I remember being so proud of my children when they started to sign back to me – they may not have been signing perfectly but it grew my confidence knowing they were learning from me and could communicate what they wanted without getting frustrated or throwing a tantrum.

I run my business with you in mind.  Although I will have spent time planning your lessons, if there’s something you want to learn about or have ideas about themes, I can go away and come up with a lesson to suit you.  

I genuinely care about our community and providing affordable services for you. 

Above all else, I am a parent just like you.  And, just like you, I am trying to be the best parent I can and give my children all the opportunities available to me. Being able to communicate with my children gave me confidence, excitement and determination to keep going. Now they are growing they use spoken language but signing is never far away – it comes in particularly useful when you want to reprimand them or tell them across a crowded playground that it’s time to go home!